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By Gen Merch
5L polyethylene Fire Drip torch tank.
The 5L tank is made from polyethylene. Melting temperature above 300?C. The oval design prevents it from falling over during transport. Ratio of 4-5 parts diesel to one part petrol. For safety reasons no higher petrol concentration can be used. A ball valve is located on the lance for easy shutting off of fuel when in transit. The breather valve situated on the side of the container and ball valve must be opened slightly when in use, to control the flow of fuel to wick for easy burning and dripping of diesel. PARTS: FIR054 Breath Valve FIR052 Ball valve FIR059 Lid FIR058 Lance FIR Wick.
Package Size 1
Length (mm) 29
Weight (kg) 1.6
Width (mm) 18
Height (mm) 64
Barcode 6009507859689
Department Fire Protection
Category Spares & Acc
Sub Cat Code ICAA
Sub Category Drip Torch
Brand Gen Merch
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