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Orbit provides traditional products for lawn and garden care, and we're the brand behind B-hyve, the global leader in smart lawn, garden, and home technology. We see and feel the benefits of being exposed to natural beauty every day, and we're committed to ensuring that everyone has their own little patch of green in 2020 & beyond. Nurturing is in our nature. 

Our aim is to be the best at providing irrigation and watering products that meet or exceed each individual customer's needs. This is why even after 40 years in the business; we continually push ourselves to provide better customer support and to design better products. Orbit is the #1 choice of homeowners in the USA and has been a firm favorite amongst South African households for the past decade too.


Meet the Agrinet and Kreepy Krauly team

Agrinet and Kreepy Krauly have come together to make key information and resources more accessible to resellers with the Clean Pool Tips series. Resellers can expect to find out more about the people and stories behind Kreepy Krauly, gain product knowledge and tips on how to sell, troubleshoot and advise pool owners looking for Kreepy Krauly automatic pool cleaners. 

In this first video in the series, we interview Chris Smit from Kreepy Krauly and David Kelly from Agrinet.

Kreepy Krauly Warranties & Customer Service Centre

In this episode of Clean Pool Tips with Kreepy Krauly and Agrinet, Ginger Erlinger and Chris Smit from Kreepy Krauly share why holistic customer service is such an important part of their business. Ginger shares how Kreepy Krauly can assist pool owners and resellers alike via their their new Customer Service Centre. 

 Chris explains the new and market-leading Kreepy Krauly warranties.

Frequently Asked Questions from Customers

In this episode of Clean Pool Tips with Kreepy Krauly and Agrinet, Ginger from Kreepy Krauly offers insights and assistance for resellers about frequently asked questions by customers.

Selling Advice

In this episode of Clean Pool Tips with Kreepy Krauly and Agrinet, Ginger gives resellers tips and advice on how to assist pool owners in selecting the appropriate Kreepy Krauly automatic pool cleaner for their pool cleaning requirements.

Kreepy Krauly


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