Jobs in the workshop or farm are critical and cal also be arduous. At times like these, you need tools to match the important task at hand. Kaufmann-X is a heavy-duty tool that range from Kaufmann and includes only the most durable tools in the Kaufmann stable.

This range has been tried and tested in some of the harshest African conditions and come out with somewhat legendary reputations.

/  About Kaufmann Hardware

South Africa's wild and bountiful landscape has been shaped and harnessed by the hands of people, whether builders, farmers, adventurers, or conservationists.

People working with tools, grit, confidence, and skillsets, carve progress out of the resources that our country provides, whilst still admiring and respecting nature for its diversity and beauty.

The Kaufmann backstory is rich and deep-seated in the heritage of agriculture, and the countryside communities of South Africa. The brand was born from the inspiring, hands-on, and self-sufficient people who work every day to shape a better future, by harnessing the best from their lands.


/  Kaufmann Quality Approved

At Kaufmann, we believe everyone deserves fit-for-purpose products and a good price. We are constantly looking to improve our range and source the world for the best manufacturing partners and materials.

We keep our quality top-notch to keep your project's progress moving forward.

Many of our products carry a lifetime Warranty against manufacturing faults when it comes to materials and production of the tool. All Kaufmann-X products come standard with a Lifetime Warranty.

Kaufmann X


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