POLTEK has become the biggest producer of plastic poultry products in Africa, and our knowledge of the harsh African climate and tough farming conditions is used to produce products that are stronger and longer lasting than most of their Asian or European counterparts. This is the reason we are trusted by farmers all over the continent.


The POLTEK range of products is constantly being adapted to suit the farmer’s ever-changing needs. This is achieved with regular discussions with farmers and, by using their feedback and advice, the result is products that are made to function as the farmer wants and needs them to – ensuring the farmer achieves the production levels he expects. This means that, when purchasing a POLTEK product, you purchase a product made in a high-tech factory improved by direct input from the farmer. Coupled with all of this, expert advice is offered by our dedicated and professional staff, there to assist with all your needs.


POLTEK also supplies a full range of crates – not only agricultural crates, but also industrial, and commercial crates. Our vast experience and solid client base across Africa means that we are well-versed in African export. Therefore, no matter where you are, we’ll get it to you! At POLTEK® you get good reliable products, consistently updated and improved designs, efficient distribution, and the best value in Africa.



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