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Agrinet wants to contribute to the success of South Africa’s economy by promoting the support of local businesses. We have for many years been supporting and working with local South African brands and now want to make it easier for our clients to do so as well. We believe that many South Africans want to support local, but don’t always know which brands or products are. So, one way we are trying to help is by pointing out the proudly local brands we distribute. Help South Africans by supporting local and encourage your customers to buy these proudly local brands’ too. Thank you for your continued support – Together we can make a difference!

Why Support Local?

Local businesses are essential to our economy and keeping investment local, will help stimulate growth and innovation in our communities.

When you buy from a local supplier, you are directly helping the local South African economy grow and ensuring the future success of more than just the supplier. Supporting local businesses also means that there is a ripple effect, making more businesses in the eco-system grow and creating/maintaining much-needed jobs.


More employed people contribute to growth within communities and improve the living conditions of so many fellow South Africans.


Local businesses are unique in innovating products and services that are specially for South Africans. Who better knows what you need than your neighbour!


At Agrinet this is also what we strive to do, we understand how tough the South African economy is and we want to assist you with wholesale solutions to grow your business bigger and better.

Proudly Owned & Operated Local Brands

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