Sebor® was established in 1974 as a manufacturer of plastic plant containers for indoor and outdoor use. Science its inception the company has been an industry leader in producing innovative products for a constantly developing market.


Our reputation has been built on the production of high-quality and enduring home products and our service to and relationships with our customers. We disrupt the market and we just keep growing.


Our beautifully designed spraybottles

1L Spray Bottles

FM140002 / FM140001 / FM140005


Who says a spray bottle needs to be boring and ugly. Our brand new unique spray bottles stands proud and are worthy of your customer's leafy companions.

They feature a comfortable grip, robust nozzle and measuring marks.

They come in two trendy colours that compliment our latest range, and a transparent version.


Contemporary Collection

Sold as sets in four trendy colours. Available in different sizes.

Italio Collection

Classic roman planters available in traditional concrete and terracotta. Available in different sizes.

Watering Cans

One of our most popular products, consistently beating our competitors with our beautiful classic design.

Spray bottles

Our beautiful unique design stands proud next to generic competitors.


Your success is our motivation


Product Innovation

Our customers are our biggest priority and that is why we are always pushing ourselves, designing new products, developing merchandising solutions for displaying our product, an, if necessary, custom-made options that fit our client's needs.


Merchandising Specialists

Our team also has a branch of merchandising specialists that develop, every year, the most complete range of solutions to display our products in creative and functional displays.


Custom Made Solutions

We are also able to develop custom-made in-store exhibition proposals so our clients can have the solution that best suits their business.



Continuously chasing sustainability

We keep on challenging ourselves to reduce our environmental impact and stay on track. When we look at plastic as a never ending circle of life, that's when we see it from a whole new perspective, like our buckets made from 98% recycled plastic.

Geared for success

Our manufacturing plant in Chamdor.
We operate 22 Plastic Injection Moulding machines, ranging from 50 tonnes to 900 tonnes, allowing us to mold items weighing over 6kg (6 000g). We have a SEDEX social audit green status and are ISO 9001 compliant.

Proudly South African

We may be a South African company, but our standards are international.

As such, all our products are UV stabilized for maximum longevity, contain no BPA, and are 100% recyclable.



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