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The trusted choice for superior performance.

Now stocked and distributed by Agrinet, our solution makes selecting, selling, and displaying fasteners & fixing a breeze.

Why stock iFasten?

Trusted Quality

You should not have to compromise on quality in the DIY industry. With iFasten, you don't have to. Our products have been tried, tested, and trusted in 15 manufacturing sectors in South Africa for over 35 years. Plus, offering this level of quality to your customers means added peace of mind and return business.

Focused on Performance

We've done the homework for you. Our range is focused on what matters and what sells. Our top-seller KVI range and pricing approaches have been expertly developed to help you maximize sales, margins, and profitability with limited space.

Superior performing products:

We sell a superior performing range of fasteners and fixings that is reliable, trustworthy and gives contractors and DIY enthusiasts peace of mind when they need it most. We source the best quality products directly from the most respected international manufacturers.

ABOUT iFasten

Fastener Agencies (FA), owner of the iFasten retail brand, started its journey in 1988 from humble beginnings, to become one of the top fastener and fixings companies in South Africa. Their journey has been an incredible one. They have been supplying 15 of the largest manufacturing industries throughout South Africa for more than 35 years.


Fastener Agencies has developed a reputation as a trusted and credible partner and supplier. They would not be the preferred supplier to the manufacturing industries today if it wasn’t for the innovation they bring to the table, the exceptional customer service, and the highly competitive pricing they promise but more importantly, the superior performing products they offer.


FA has customers varying in size and application, and in some instances, using more than hundreds of thousand of chipboard screws, drywall screws, and tek screws per size, each month. They are now offering access to that same superior-performing fastener range and stock holding, backed by the manufacturing industry, to retailers.


The iFasten product range is therefore tried and tested… and trusted. It may be just a screw or a nail to someone but to the team behind iFasten, it’s about a product that will perform and make a difference in anyone’s project. The products and how they perform, are taken seriously.


Fastener Agencies, a solutions-driven company, is a fully-fledged fastener supplier with access to over 5000 types of fasteners and fixings in all shapes, sizes, and coatings. This also allows them to assist with bulk orders and large quantities.
Their large stock availability and long-standing relationships with leading manufacturers, locally and internationally, allow them to respond quickly to market demands and changes.


Fastener Agencies is a proudly South African-owned company operating from its head office in Germiston, Gauteng.


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