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As versatile as your DIY projects: Whether you are moving, renovating or simply want to turn the world upside down, with Einhell's hand-held power tools you will find suitable devices for all types of work. From battery-powered impact drills to powerful hand-held circular saws they offer a wide range of tools, that are simple to use and yet can perform the toughest of tasks. Ideal for Beginners and DIY experts!


Einhell was recently introduced to the South African market and has their eyes firmly set on supplying professional German-engineered tools and equipment for hardy handymen, tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts.   


A big story told briefly

When Josef Thannhuber in the beginning of the 1960s took over his uncle Hans Einhell's Installation business, he had no idea of the sort of success story he would one day write. Today more than 50 years later, Einhell AG is one of the global leaders in the Do-it-Yourself segment. Decades of hard work, untiring commitment and business foresight have paid off. A real Enabler!

Einhell Germany AG is an international corporation located in Landau a der Isar in Germany. Their goal is to ideally reach customers with individual product offers. With more than 39 subsidiaries and a multi-brand strategy, Einhell can ensure to be close to their customers and trade partners not only locally but internationally as well.


High-performance enablers

Einhell’s Philosophy is to be high-performance Enablers.  But what does this mean? Whether it is focusing on customers during product development, service delivery, in interactions with employees regarding flexibility and loyalty or when working with diverse sales partners worldwide - Einhell thrives to do their best to enable everything, so that everyone can participate in enjoyment and freedom.


Innovative design and quality features at the best price

Einhell designs and delivers products, which bring customers freedom and joy when they are implementing their projects. There is always a focus on customer needs and therefore, the company places great emphasis on continuous improvement through innovation. Einhell’s high quality helps its customers work with ease and efficiency. Their extensive services, customer-friendliness and a stable pricing policy that strives to offer "brand quality at best prices" make it easy for people to pursue their passion for DIY projects, gardening or taking care of their car.


Excellence is in Einhell’s DNA

Delivering excellent service is a must. That is why, they place great emphasis on trained and committed employees.  With over 40 subsidiaries and partners all over the world, they offer outstanding service even at a global level. Einhell subsidiaries work closely with their global partners to ensure that these exact service standards are met.

When developing new products, they always keep customers' demands and requirements in mind. Einhell strives to give end-users, through consistently producing high quality, unique design and own innovations, not just ease-of-use and great features, but delight through with freedom and autonomy. It is this wish that has guided Einhell’s vision and inspired the introduction of the Power X-Change range. (an innovative and versatile battery system)


Agrinet now stocks a range of 31 Einhell power tools. To view the range, click HERE.


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