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Rovatti Vetreen Calendar 1975Rovatti Pompe at Nampo 1975

Rovatti Pompe and Agrinet (previously Vetsak) enjoy a long history of collaboration

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of Rovatti Pompe’s presence in South Africa, since starting their cooperation with the then Vetsak back in 1969. 

The first batch of pumps supplied to VETSAK (tractor pumps and end suction pumps) was dated 1969. In 1970-1971 Rovatti started with a regular supply of tractor pumps and end suction pumps equipped with the label " VETSAK-VETREEN" (VETREEN was the VETSAK brand for irrigation).

Thanks to the invitation made by the Vetsak MD at the time, Mr. P.De Jager, Mr. Virgilio Rovatti (the founder of Rovatti Pompe) together with their Technical Manager, Mr. Giuseppe Lugli, in 1972 visited South Africa for the first time.

During the visit they found out that in addition to tractor pumps and end suction pumps (supplied in huge quantities, more than 1000 pumps per year) the VETSAK team requested multistage pumps with medium/high heads to meet the local irrigation requirements.

Rovatti took the request on board and started manufacturing multistage pumps with 3/4 stages and higher head than other pumps in the market at that time. In 1972 Rovatti supplied VETSAK the first project with the requested performances.  This request from VETSAK, and development by Rovatti still today are some of the top sold products of the Rovatti production, as it meets perfectly the needs of medium sized irrigation installations and hose reel machines.

Agrinet Rovatti Factory visit 2018

In 2018, the Irrigation and senior management from Agrinet visited the EIMA Trade Show, and reconnected with the Rovatti family. In 2019, Agrinet will reintroduce a core range of Rovatti products, starting with Rovatti's popular tractor pump range.

Rovatti Tractor Pump

Rovatti Tractor Pumps available from Agrinet

Rovatti’s p.t.o driven end suction water pumps, more specifically the TO-50 and TOF-50 models are once again part of the Agrinet range. The TO-50 has a Carden shaft (p.t.o driven), and this model is typically mounted on a trolley or trailer before being coupled with the tractor p.t.o.  The TOF-50 model gets coupled directly to the tractor p.t.o shaft.

The features that make the Rovatti range of p.t.o pumps unique, include the following;

- Compact and portable user-friendly tractor driven centrifugal pumps available both in cardan shaft driven version or for direct coupling to tractor p.t.o.

The compact execution, the low weight and the easy handling are able to ensure that these smart pumps are the perfect equipment for irrigation and general liquid transfer.

One operator. Pump attaches quickly, tractor does the lifting and handling.

High pressure. Up to 50 m head with great flow range up to 30 m³/h.

Sturdy construction. Light and robust cast iron pump for trouble free operation.

The quick installation granted by the direct coupling to tractor PTO permits a fast operationality to face any urgent pumping need.

Extreme application versatility.  All these pumps are quick and easy-to-fit to any type of tractor so to successfully satisfy multiple functional requirements.

Pumps in this range represent the perfect solution to intervene on-site with extreme rapidity and efficiency where specific conditions do not permit the use of a complete pumping unit/system.

Rovatti tractor pump chart

Other models in the tractor pump range include:

  • T1-50E-TW                              
  • T1-65AE-TW                             
  • T2-80E-TW                              
  • T1-50E-TW                              
  • T1-65AE-TW                             
  • T2-80E-TW                              

For more information on the Rovatti range please contact the Agrinet Irrigation team;

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