Agrinet is a wholesale supplier and distributor of a wide range of products across 10 specialist categories that cater to hardware retail, specialist industrial and irrigation markets in Africa.




Orbit provides traditional products for lawn and garden care, and we're the brand behind B-hyve, the global leader in smart lawn, garden, and home technology. We see and feel the benefits of being exposed to natural beauty every day, and we're committed to ensuring that everyone has their own little patch of green in 2020 & beyond. Nurturing is in our nature. 

Our aim is to be the best at providing irrigation and watering products that meet or exceed each individual customer's needs. This is why even after 40 years in the business; we continually push ourselves to provide better customer support and to design better products. Orbit is the #1 choice of homeowners in the USA and has been a firm favorite amongst South African households for the past decade too.



Orbit B-Hyve: An evolution in sprinkler timers.

The new Orbit B-hyve Wifi Sprinkler Timer allows you to water smarter. Make watering decisions based on the ecological needs of your garden. Control the whole thing from your phone. Watering has evolved! With water resources and droughts in South Africa, along with improvements and accessibility to data, a smart water saving solution has been long overdue in the garden irrigation market segment.


Orbit’s secret to golf course-like grass for your garden.

Ever wondered how they achieve flowing golf greens without any brown spots in sight? Part of the secret is how the irrigation system has been designed. Head-to-head sprinkler spacing is vital to getting an even amount of water to your grass, without over-watering in the process.

But you have to make sure you have proper spacing?


How to conduct an orbit timer

Sprinkler timers are the brains of an automated sprinkler system. Getting it in top shape doesn’t have to be hard.