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Mecoladder was founded in 1981 and is a South African, family-owned and run manufacturer of a wide range of ladders and complementary products. Their staff are the backbone and with most being part of the Mecoladder family for between 5 and 20 years, the brand is able to provide continuity in the reliability of their products as well as service. They largely supply the industrial, agricultural, retail and household markets with various access products and manufacture their ladders from their purpose-built factory in Cape Town. Agrinet is a proud wholesale distributor of Mecoladder.

Ladder specialists with a quality reputation

Specialists in the design and manufacture of ladders, Mecoladder constantly strives to set themselves apart, giving their end-users different access alternatives to the rest of the products in the market. Mecoladder has become the ladder of choice across all industries and is a top chosen brand in South Africa and across the world. Because of the unique designs, features and strength of their ladders, their reputation for supplying high-quality, reliable, and durable ladders run far ahead.

Mecoladders are constructed with high-grade aluminium, are subject to comprehensive in-house quality control procedures and are inspected at various stages of the production cycle. All ladders are also independently load tested by a renowned engineering testing facility and a final check before they leave Agrinet Wholesale’s premises, ensuring that customers continue to receive a high-class product. Your safety is one of our top priorities, therefore we only sell the best in the market – Mecoladder.

A good test of a product’s durability is the equipment hire and agricultural markets and Mecoladder’s products have proven themselves in these areas over many years.

Ladder innovation & quality construction

Special details in their extension ladders, for example, is the use of serrated, slip-resistant Round Rungs instead of D rungs. The team have developed a unique bracket system on their industrial duty A-frame ladders which distributes the load of the user more evenly through the ladder. This enhances stability and safety.

The new Tool Tray, also fitted to their Industrial strength ladders, offers customers a unique solution and alternative to the standard plastic top available from all other manufacturers in the market.  Constructed from aluminium, the open Tool Tray top is designed to fit both large items such as drills and tools as well as smaller nuts and bolts etc. all in one practical and user-friendly solution.  This bracket is fitted to the stiles of the ladder, halfway between the 1st and top step, rather than attached to the plastic tool tray at the top of the ladder as is provided by the other ladder suppliers in the market.


Joining aluminium parts to plastic will jeopardize the integrity of the ladder and by fixing the bracket in the way we have; it provides a safer more solid ladder. Besides the use of the PVC non-slip feet on Mecoladders, these ladders are completely aluminium, void of any plastic parts (including gussets and bracings).


Popular Tripod Fruit Picking Ladder


One of the most popular products in the Mecoladder range is the innovative tripod fruit picking ladders. As the name suggests, has three legs and not the four legs of the traditional A-Frame ladder. This allows the ladder to create a wider base and ensures all the feet remain in firm contact with the ground, even when working on uneven surfaces, and in and over ditches and hedges.

Its wide steps offer the picker or pruner hours of stable and comfortable use at a time, limiting the loss of productivity through fatigue or feet discomfort. The steps are designed with ridges so that the accumulation of mud is minimized allowing the picker to be able to stand on the ladder with confidence and without having to worry about the ladder becoming slippery.

This ladder is designed in such a way as to direct the weight of the user downwards and outwards, which ensures that the ladder is pinned to the ground, enhancing its stability. The uniqueness of the added side stays of the fruit picking ladder is designed to provide extra reinforcement and stability.  It is also advantageously fitted with hardened plastic feet, enhancing its balance in soft, uneven ground conditions. The tripod leg easily swings between and over branches to reach all sides of the tree, the perfect solution to your fruit picking needs.

The design of the Tripod Fruit Picking Ladder proves how Mecoladder is seen as one of the market leaders in the ladder market. Years of innovation has gone into satisfying customer needs while providing top-class safety and durability.

Due to its lightweight, Mecoladder fruit picking ladders are easily moved from tree to tree providing the ideal solution to increase the speed and the number of fruits being picked or trees pruned. This solution to picking and pruning yields a more effective and efficient workforce and ultimately increased productivity.

Mecoladders are internationally distributed

As a result of the unique designs, features and strength, Mecoladder has become the ladder of choice across all industries and is well known throughout South Africa and internationally for reliable and durable ladders. The quality of Mecoladders, proven over many years, formed a reputation for them – making Mecoladders one of the most reliable and safest ladders in use today

Mecoladder’s products have also been exported to various parts of the world including Southern and Central Africa, UK, the Middle East and the Pacific Region. They have also been used in places such as Antarctica (to build South Africa’s ultra-modern SANAE IV Antarctic base), St Helena Harbour and on Tristan da Cunha (the remotest inhabited island in the world) as well as in the construction of the Cape Town Stadium. Mecoladder has been trusted for decades by professionals around the world, why should you not also have Mecoladder products available in your store for your clients.

Agrinet Wholesale has the FULL RANGE of Mecoladder products available.