Agrinet is a wholesale supplier and distributor of a wide range of products across 10 specialist categories that cater to hardware retail, specialist industrial and irrigation markets in Africa.


Brass Compression ring type fittings were de­signed and introduced to the market in 1933. These fitting are used for connecting tubes in a wide variety of do­mestic and commercial applications such as plumbing, heating, fluid distribution, air pressure line and air condition­ing.


Compression fitting’s versa­tility, efficiency and joining speed saves the plumbing contractor’s time on site. The fact that these fittings can be used in conjunction with hard drawn copper tube, led to a major increase in demand for the fittings.

Agrinet’s range of fit­tings are DZR compliant (dezincification resistance), pre-packed in singles and it was decided that barcoded fitting will make it easier on the retail side. Prepackaging and barcoding take away the guesswork at the till makes stocktake more accurate and saves time on receiving the product. Three barcodes can be supplied: per product, per bulk pack and per box.


Why DZR?

Dezincification of ordinary duplex brass fittings may occur under certain water conditions. Agrinet DZR brass compression fittings are marked DR as required by SABS specification 1067-2 in 1985.

The fact that you don’t need expensive tooling and less skilled labour makes it a good option for the DIY market.

Tools needed:

- Tube cutter

- Two flat-faced spanners.



- Ensure tube and fitting are of compatible sizes.

- Remove cap nut and compression ring from the fitting.

- Slide cap nut and ring onto the tube.

- Place the fitting on the end of the tube, slide the ring and nut towards the fitting.

- Hand-tighten the nut.

- Use the flat-faced span­ners to tighten the joint. It is recommended to use the minimum amount of turns.

- Test for leaks and tighten another ½ turn if needed.


All imperial sizes refer to ends for BSP threaded connections. Metric sizes refer to normal tube sizes. Check for both when purchasing.

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