Stock Up and Boost Sales with the "Win 1 of 35 R1500 in Store Vouchers with Pattex" Competition!

We are excited to introduce a fantastic opportunity for your store to take part in – Pattex's "Win 1 of 35 R1500 in Store Vouchers with Pattex" Competition!

By participating in this exclusive competition, you can boost your sales and offer your customers a chance to win exciting prizes.


Promotion Period: The promotion runs from September 1st, 2023, to November 30th, 2023. Customers can enter during this period.
Stock Up on Pattex Products: Ensure you have a sufficient supply of Pattex Products in your store to meet the demand during the promotion.
Promotional Material: We will provide you with promotional materials to display in your store, creating awareness about the competition. These materials will capture your customers' attention and encourage participation.
Customer Engagement: As customers make purchases, they'll retain their till slips as proof of purchase. Encourage them to enter the competition by WhatsApping a photo of their till slip, along with their name, surname, and email address, to 066 407 4109.

Content available: Video & Social Media graphics to share on all your social media platforms.

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Since its launch in 1956, the Pattex brand has become synonymous with total reliability in gluing and bonding solutions for professionals, craftsmen, and the construction industry. Pattex adhesives have been around for decades, offering users, from DIYers to Professionals easy and convenient applications for domestic bonding, assembling, and repairing jobs with professional quality. This also reflects the commitment of the brand within the Henkel Group, the worldwide leader in sustainability, to provide users with toxic-free formulations which will neither harm their health nor the environment.



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